Saturday, August 28, 2010

One Day With Day 13...

After some sandwiches with potatoesalad we left for our final destination Visby. We have managed to avoid the rain for almost two weeks now but today the rain was pouring down and the wind was stronger than popeye high on spinach.

After some hours we arrived to the beautiful town Visby and what a feeling. We did it, 600km in 13 days, 11 of these skating and 2 resting.

We arrived quite early to Solhem Hotell where we should spend the night. We didn´t get our room before 3 pm so we headed out for some kebab. Maybe not the nicest thing to do because we were superwet and dirty, but they had a shoepolish at the hotel so our shoes looked supernice, and that´s what it´s all about.


Saturday, August 21, 2010

One Day With Day 12...

Today we left our life in luxury at Fårösunds Fort to skate 50km to Lickershamn. It was quite a hard day with bad pavement and strong wind, but the sun was shining so it wasn´t that bad.

2 min downhill to Lickershamn

Lickershamn is a small harbour with a beach and some nice views. Here you also can find Lickershamns semesterby which were our place for the night.

One Day With Day 11...

Today we had a skatefree day so we borrowed some bikes and took the ferry out to Fårö to see some "raukar" (don´t know the english word).


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

One Day With Day 10...

The plan for today was to skate to Sudersand on Fårö, but we decided to stay to night in Fårösund instead so I could rest my knee tomorrow. So we called Fårösunds Fort (the place we should stay at tomorrow) and asked them if we could stay for two nights instead and they told us: No problems.

Everyone has told us that Fårö is so beautiful so instead of skating tomorrow we will cycling all the way out and take the bus home to Fårösunds Fort.

Today we had around 5 hours of skating and the pavement were quit good so it was a pleasent ride.

After some finally dirtroads we arrived to our place for the upcoming two night Fårösunds Fort. This is the number one place we have stayed at during our trip and also one of the coolest and beautiful places I have ever stayed at.

Timmy in the bunker

The walls and roaf is from the year 1800

After a shower Timmy had some cravings for pizza so we went to the village and the local pizza-place. We ordered a kebabpizza and it was the most disgusting pizza we have ever tried. The meat was that kind of meat you can by in the store (frozen) and the sauce tasted as vomit. So whatever you do, don´t eat at Kvänni´s food & pizza.

Why didn´t we order Jenna Jameson on the pizza instead of the kebab? Rookiemistace.

After some throwing up we went back to Fårösunds Fort for some jacuzzi and relaxing.

One Day With The Fense...


One Day With Day 9...

Today we woke up around 8am and had a great breakfast at Pensionat Lövängen before we left for Gothem.

The pavement were really bad this day so it was a hard, but quit short day.

The first day on Gotland there lay a big pile of horseshit in the bikelane and when I was supposed to pass it Timmy came and pressed me straight in it. But my rollsrolls has mudguards so no pope on me.

And today I got my revenge when Timmy hit a fresh pile of shit and he doesn´t have any mudguards :) He had shit all over him self and he smelled so bad.

After a while we arrived to our place for the night Gothems Stugby and Café. Gothem is a small village out in nowere and the only place to get food is on the café, but it´s closed for the season. But we had some soup with us and we found some pasta in the kitchen.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

One Day With Day 8...

Today we had around 40km to skate. We started around 9am and it took us around 3 hours so it was a short day with quite bad pavement and some rain. We were really lucky because just one hour after we arrived it started to rain really bad so it was nice to be inside then.

After a while we arrived to Ljugarn and our place for the night Pensionat Lövängen and it´s a beautiful place. They have a friendly dog and the room we got was very nice and felt new. We had a flatscreen and bathroom on the room so we were very pleased.

Maybe the worlds smallest fishingboat