Tuesday, July 27, 2010

One Day With Öland & Gotland...

On the 9th of aug me and my smallish brothish will start skating around Öland and Gotland, the two biggest islands in Sweden. We will do this in two weeks, unsupported.

Soon are our sponsorthings here.

- Wheels, hoodie and cap from Neversummer
- T-shirts och trucks from Vicetrux
- Bearing from Stoked Skateboards
- Helmets from Longboardshop.de
- Longboard from Subsonic
- Longboard from RollsRolls
-Tent, sleepingbag and some other stuff is sponsoring by Tony Rylandersson

What would we do without you guys?
We love you all.


Sunday, July 11, 2010

One Day With Upcoming Longboard Trip...

In Aug me and my brother will skate Öland och Gotland, the two biggest islands in Sweden. This will be so alot of fun to do something like this with my smallish brother. We will do this unsupportered, no fancy hotels or crappy hostels. We will sleep in our supersweet tent all the time and cook our own food. It will be an adventure to remember.

Our Sponsors for this trip is.







Stoked Skateboards


We are so thankful for all of our sponsors and you mean the world for us.