Monday, October 26, 2009

One Day With Stuffs...

I got some things from my sponsor Life on a Board last week.

-Khiro Flux Lighted Riser (so I won´t get runned over if a skate in the dark)
S-One Team Helmet
-Loaded Slide Gloves (4th generation)
Project Skatetool
-Life on a Board Cap


Sunday, October 25, 2009

One Day With Maria...

Maria, my girlfriend has decided to ride along with me on my journey. She will go by inlines and it will be awesome to have someone with me. Hopefully she get someone who wants to sponsor her with a nice pair of longdistance inlines, because they are quite expensive, but she can afford it, she is filthy rich that girl, or what do I know. However I got her some wicked socks from my sponsor Gococo and hopefully some t-shirts from my friend Tobias at Algapan.

To be continued...


One Day With Pavedwave...

Check me out at Pavedwave


Saturday, October 24, 2009

One Day With Dialect...

For a few days ago my sponsor Dialect AB donated 2500 sek to childhood cancer foundation. Thank you so much.


Friday, October 23, 2009

One Day With My Sponsors...

Let me interduce you to my sponsors,

-Dialect sells great elctronic equipment to nice prices.
They just don´t sponsor me, they also have been donated 2500 sek to childhood cancer foundation.

-Algapan makes t-shirts of bamboo and I can promise you that it is the most comfortable shirts you´ve ever worn.
We have a big project going on and it is a special designed t-shirt with me on the front riding my board. Some of the profit from this shirt will go to childhood cancer foundation, wicked.

-Life on the Board is a great longboardshop which sells brands like Loaded, flexdex and a lot of other sweet stuffs.

-Gococo makes great socks of coconutshells. The make the best socks ever so try it and you will fall in love.

-Hälsokostgrossisten has alot of great products for you who is active and want some extra out of your training.

Fuel-Fire Skateboards is the only shop in sweden which sells Earthwing and Insect longboards. Great service, just ask Patrik and he helps you out.

Stoked Skateboards is an awesome longboardstore with all the big brands. Whatever you want they got it.


One Day With Algapan...

Me and Tobias on Algapan have been working on a t-shirt together. I will be on the shirt while I´m skating. Some of the profit will go to my fond at childhood cancer foundation.

The t-shirt will be in shops in a few weeks, I promised to let you know when it´s time.


One Day With Welcome...

Welcome to my Mr Jim On Longboard Blog.

This is my story of a journey from Northen Thailand all the way down to Singapore.
I will do this trip for the love to longboarding, the love to these beautiful countries and amazing people. I will also do this in benefit for childhood cancer foundation, my goal is to raise 50 000 sek, but hopefully I will raise alot more.

Once again welcome and I hope you will stay with my side on my journey which will starts in jan/feb.