Saturday, January 30, 2010

One Day With Where Are We Now...

Nakhon Sawan, 480km.


One Day With Sick...

Now it´s Marias turn to get sick, so we will stay here in Nakhon Sawan until she gets better. We have been quite unlucky sofar, we have been sick 1/3 of our trip together, but hopefully we will stay healthy all the other time n our journey.


One Day With Vicetrux...

These are my sweet trucks from vicetrux. This is just a prototype so they are not for sale yet, but when they get out on the market I suggest that you buy a pair because they are absolutly great. Because of the suspension they decrease stresses on the body by 50%.

I have just tried them for 500km but I love them sofar, they are great for long-distance and probably for cruising aswell. I can´t wait to try them on my dervish when I come home.

If you have any questions about vicetrux, feel free to contact:


One Day With Kamphaeng Phet - Nakhon Sawan...

Day 1, 60km. Finally we got away from Kamphaeng Phet after 3 hole days of resting, one more than planned because of my fever. We had a really good run today at first, the first 40 km we did 15km/h so that was reallu good. After almost 50km Maria had her first accident, she was cruising down the westside and wips she got stuck in the supersoft pavement and fell. So now we are even, 1-1 in accidents. She was quite lucky because she only got shallow cuts so they will hopefully heal pretty fast.

Day 2, 55km. We were away at 8am and we thought of arriving to Nakhon Sawan at 12 - 13, but because of bad pavement and Marias foot kept on hurting so we wasn´t at the hotel for 15.30. But we don´t have any schedule to skate after so it didn´t bother us. We had to hitchhike for 2km because of roadwork and we had a really hard time to get the driver to pullover so we could start skating again. I think we told him like 20 times what he could stop so we could get of, but eventually he stopped. It is hard when we can´t speak thai and they can´t speak english.

When we got to Nakhon Sawan we found this nice hotel so we are going to stay here for two nights and after that we are skating in hopefully 4 - 5 days down to Bangkok (240km).


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

One Day With Birthday...

Congrats to the best girl in the world on her 29 birthday.

What would I do without you.


One Day With Kamphaeng Phet

As I told you before we went to this farm for two days, we swimmed in the lake and just chilled for the firts day. Day two were we supposed to go to a cave and after that to a waterfall, but because it rained during the night (firts rain in months) we couldn´t go to the waterfall because the road wasn´t good enough, so that´s a bummer because we had really looking forward to that. We paid 1200 baht each for this trip and it might not seems to so much money for two days with overnightstaying and food but here in Thailand 1200 baht is quite alot of money and because of the waterfall accident it wasn´t worth it.

Yesterday we had a plan that we should skate for 50km today, but later that night I got a fever so we diceded to stay one more day. But we will skate tomorrow and I really looking forward to it because I love to be on the road and to see new places. We have stayed here for three full days now and I starts to get a little bit bored.


If you visit Kamphaeng Phet I can recommend Three J Guesthouse.

Monday, January 25, 2010

One Day With MiniBananas...


One Day With Tak - Kamphaneg Phet...

Today was a really awful day even if we had one days rest before. We skated 70km and it was really hard, it felt like I hit rock bottom a few times. I was so tired just after 10km that I just wanted to lay down and sleep. We had to hitchhike for 5km because of roadwork. It´s quite dangerous to walk when it´s just one lane (the cars drive like crazy) and when you got pavement stucked under your shoes. I still can´t push with my right foot so I get pretty tired in my left foot so today I had to take some painkiller. The pills I take is very good so I got rid of the pain quite fast. The heat (around 35 degrees celcius) is not making it easier, but we skate around 13km/h so it´s pretty good according to the heat.

When we got to Kamphaeng Phet we found a very nice place to stay with a friendly staff. Today we going to the owners farm for two days to just rest, swim in waterfalls and visit some caves, because we really need some rest, we are both so tired so we really looking forward to this.

Our Lift

Public Restroom


One Day With The Pool...


Saturday, January 23, 2010

One Day With The Star...

For a while ago we were contacted by The Star, which is a Newspaper in Malaysia. We got 25 questions with a deadline today.
So soon you can see us in then. I will put it up here when it´s publicitet.


One Day With MTV Cribs...


Friday, January 22, 2010

One Day With Here Are We Now...


One Day With Lampang - Tak

35 degrees celcius, no wind and no clouds on the sky made this day to the warmest, but still the best skateable day sofar.
When we had almost 15 km to go we came to this perfect hill almost 8 km long, this most have been the hill of saints because so perfect was it.
And with not so much traffic you could do alot of big sweet carves. I don´t think it can be much better than this.

When we arrived to the village where we should spend the night we couldn´t find anywere to sleep. After a while we asked this lady on a motorbike,
I take you, I take you and wanted me to jump on her motorbike. She only wanted me and not Maria so Maria had to skate after us. We lady droves faster and faster and I shouted
"Slow down, slow down" because I didn´t want to loose Maria. After a while she stopped and Maria got a grip on the motorbike and ride along to the guesthouse.
If it wasn´t for this lady we had never find this guesthouse with the small sign which said "room for lent"

When the time almost hit 19 we felt to have something to eat so we went to the same place where we had our dinner, but they had closed for the day so we kept on going. After a while we came to a house
where three girls sat and played outside there fence and out came their dad and we asked him if he knew were we could eat? Yes yes he said and wips so sat we in their livingroom and his wife made us a delicius
noodlesoup, awsome. When we asked them how much they wanted for this they said 20 baht each. 20 baht is like 0,7 USD and that is ridicolus cheap so we gave them some more even if they didn´t know, they need the money so much more than us.

It´s good with a big garage

Friend no:1


New day: Today we skated 90 km and it was tough, we had around 30 degrees celsius today so it was hot, very hot. We were supposed to skate 60 km today to a village called Mea Phrik but theu didn´t have anywere we could sleep so we had to skate for 30 km
more to get to the next village, Ban Tak. Here we got a room almost directly and we only pay 2,5 USD each for it, super sweet.

New day: This was a hard day even if we only skated 45 km. Marias feets was hurting, the pavement was quite bad 25% of the time and we were quite tired after our 90 km yesterday, but we kept on going and after some hours we finally reached Tak. We gonna stay here for
2-3 nights to rest and we need that after 200 km in three days. And the hotel we are staying at has a swimmingpool and I know were I´m going to spend my day, a cold beer beside the pool, supersweet.

Friend no:2

Friend no:3 and the cutest one


Monday, January 18, 2010

One Day With Mae That - Lampang...

Day 2 showed out to be a hell of a day. We were about to climb a mountain with a height of 1700 m above the sealevel. I believe that we walked for about six hours and skated for two that day, so we were pretty worn out I can tell you.

When we finally reached the top and it started to go downhill I told Maria that it was safe to skate because it wasn't as steep as before and a bit further down it seemed to be horisontal. She agrees, but it turned out to be a big fucking illusion. You know like when you are in the desert and see a waterhole and palmtrees. I went for the slope and it was steep as hell and with just 1m to skate on, no sliding gloves (forgot them at home) I understood this was going to be really nasty. After several attempts of footbreaking, not succeding, I turned to the side to save the board from the traffic and I tried to run to save myself, even though I knew it was impossible if you name isn't Bolt, but I doubt even he would make this.
You don't want to end up in the car lane because they drive like maniacs, there are no speedlimits and will surely hit you.
Fortuantelly the road was smooth and all I got was a small mark on my knee and elbow, I also managed to get an air-con hole in my trousers, so know I don't have to be so warm. The worst part is that I hurt my foot when I jumped of my board and it still hurts, but it's much better than yesterday. I managed to walk and skate with it for five more hours after the accident so I think it will be ok.

When it gets dark in Thailand it gets dark fast. When it was seven o'clock we had to use our headlamps. When then were 5km from Lampang which was the days final destination. In all misery we had some luck and a Brittish guy on a motorbike stoped and offered a ride to a guesthouse. So Maria and I jumped up on the bike with all our gear and his bag. It was pretty cosy but Maria was sceared as hell. Maria was the hotdog and we were the bread. He dropped us at a really nice guesthouse and we will stay here for two more nights to heal my foot.