Monday, July 16, 2012

One Day With Day 13, Hellevoetsluis - Voorburg...

We woke up to rain and quit bad wind this morning.
After a while we finally managed to get outside to start skate.

Our goal for today was Den Haag and Sickboards. 
Because of no Internet/wifi on our hotel we haven´t got any place to stay yet so we hoped that we could get some internet in Den Haag and hopefully find a place to stay.

I wanted to get a bag for my board at Sickboards so I could bring it back home, but the bag was out of stock. Instead I got alot of foam and tape so I could wrap the board up for the plane home.

Old man on a bike with a dog in the back showed us the way to the store.

We managed to get some internet and could book a hotel for the night. The hotel was in Voorburg, around 10km from there we were so we had to skate some more distance that day, but it was on the way to Amsterdam so we earned 10km for tomorrow.


One Day With Day 12, Kortgene - Hellevoetsluis...

Oh man what a day today.
We just had some rain in the beginning and after that sun, sun and some more sun.

we also had Niels de Wilde skating with us half the way to Hellevoetsluis. He is a great guy and alot of fun.

After some time we arrived to a dirt road. I stopped and asked a cyclist how far the road goes, and he told me: 4km. We didn´t liked the idea to skate back again to take another route so we started to skate in the dirt. It was alot of water and also quite many cows on the road, they were just standing on the road chilling.

This was the nicest route we did over the whole trip.

Awesome day.


One Day With Day 11, Roosendaal - Kortgene...

Great day today with sun and believe it or not, no rain people, nor rain.

We finally made it to Zeeland.


Wednesday, July 11, 2012

One Day With Day 10, Oirschot - Roosendaal...

Rain, rain, rain, some thunder and lightnings aswell.
Crazy day today with so much rain, I think I need a surfboard instead.

Now we have only around 200km left :D


One Day With Day 9, Ooij - Oirschot...

I managed to scratch my lens on the GoPro:n yesterday, but we were very lucky to find a GoPro dealer only 10km and on our way to Oirschot.
So we headed towards the dealer to get a new lens.

After that we had some wrong turns as you can see on the pictures.
We also had some rain as ususal, but we getting use to it now so it don´t bother us so much.


One Day With Day 8, Zutphen - Ooij...

Everything went very well today until we reached Nijmegen and we realized that our hotel wasn´t there we thought if should be. 
We thought we had around 15min more to skate but we had one hour. 
And now it started to rain real bad. 
If this wasn´t good enough we took a big detour because we couldn´t find the sign.

Later that night we went to the pub for a beer and guess what we found? We found the sign hanging on the wall.


Sunday, July 8, 2012

One Day With Day 7, Rijssen - Zutphen...

WET is the word for today people.

We wanted to stay one more night at our hotel in Rijssen, but it was fully booked so we decided to skate around 30km to the next city, Zutphen.

After 1,5h it started to rain really bad and we got wet at no time.

Crazy day today, but a lot of fun as well even do it was cold, windy and super wet.


One Day With Asfalt #5...

Now are finally Asfalt #5 out.
You will find me on pages 45-49.


Saturday, July 7, 2012

One Day With Day 6, Emmen - Rijssen...

I had a really hard start today. When we had just skated around 15km I was super tired and i felt like I had skated for 5-6h. 
My bearings were really messed up as well after the rain two days before. 
So I took a break to have a coffee and to change my bearings.
After that I felt like a new person and my board was rolling like a boss again. 

We stay in Rijssen for the night and maybe for tomorrow night as well, because it says that it´s going to rain heavily almost the whole day tomorrow.

 Our hotel