Thursday, July 28, 2011

One Day With Top 12...

We proudly present Top 12 as our shoesponsor, great to have you onboard.


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

One Day With RSA...

Thanks to Bengt and RSA for our awesome TSG helmets we got today.


One Day With Never Summer...

Today our clothes from Never Summer arrived.

*Happy Face*


One Day With Carns Consultancy Swe...

A super big thanks to CARNS CONSULTANCY SWE for the 4500 SEK (around 800 USD) you donated to childhood cancer foundation.

thank you so much.

Just because of this we are now a big step closer to our goal of raising 50 000 SEK (around 8500 USD) before 1st of sep.


One Day With Boardlife...

We are proud to present our latest sponsor boardlife

Swedens only retailer of Never Summer longboards, sweet.


One Day With Sala Silvermine...

A big welcome to Sala Silvermine as our sponsor. They will give us a room and breakfast when we arrive to Sala.

Here we will do a thing that noone has ever done before, so we will be the first people ever in the world to do this and it will be awesome. What it is I can´t tell you now, but it´s going to be legen... wait for it... dary.
If not the people in charge will change their minds, but I don´t think so.


One Day With Anno 1799 Room & Breakfast...

We want to welcome Anno 1799 Room & Breakfast as our sponsor. They will give us a room and breakfast when we arrive to Enköping.


Saturday, July 23, 2011

One Day With Back In The Days...

You have to double-click to get the whole picture. My blog is a little bit F*cked up.

Why dad did you through your oldschoolboard away?


Friday, July 22, 2011

One Day With Neversummer...

Soon will our clothes from Never Summer arrive. They left Paris yesterday and are expected to arrive on monday.

It is like christmas.


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

One Day With Sweden First & Only Longboardmagazine...

Yesterday Ted and I took our longboards for a photoshoot for Sweden brand new and only longboardmagazine ASFALT.

We will be in the first number with a small article, but in the second number we will have prio one with a big article and some supernice pictures from our trip.

So don´t worry Never Summer, in the second number we will have your clothes.


Monday, July 18, 2011

One Day With Skatefurther...


One Day With The Setup...


Board: Subsonic Raven
Trucks: Vicetrux "slim"
Wheels: Neversummer 77mm, 77a
Bearings: Kahalani


Board: Linkboards
Trucks: Vicetrux "standard"
Wheels: Neversummer 77m, 77a
Bearings: Kahalani


One Day With Kahalani...

A big welcome to Kahalani as our sponsor.


One Day With Never Summer & Vicetrux...

I just want to give a big high five to Christopher Andrews for everything you have done for me on my longboardtrips. I´m so happy that you contacted me before my southeast Asia trip and let me ride your Vicetrux.

And of course a very big welcome to Vicetrux as our biggest sponsor and Never Summer as our next biggest sponsor.

Thanks for everything.


One Day With Pictures...

One Day With New Adventure...

The 17th of aug me and my friend Ted is going to skate from Stockholm - Borlange. We will do this in five days (250km) and four of them will be skating days, because we will stay for one day at the nordic championship in wakeboard, cablepark.

You can follow us on FACEBOOK. So if you press attending you will get alot of updates and pictures on the way, and it would be great if you want to invite all of your friends.
And of course will we write here aswell.


One Day With My Last Adventure...

For 1 week ago a was skating från Linkoping - Stockholm for four days, 250km.
I will not write about this trip because we didn´t have any other sponsors than Swedish ones, but here is a movie of almost all the pictures from the