Wednesday, December 30, 2009

One Day With Lost Things And Media...

Now it´s really close, we are leaving in jan of 12th and I still waiting for my board, my camera and our visum. But my board arrived to the customs her in Sweden today so hopefully it will arrive in a few days, our visum will be done in monday and my camera will be send tomorrow, I hope so hoppefully everything will be here before we leave. It´s quite hard to do a trip without the three most important things, no camera, hard. No visum, very hard and no board, mission impossibly. But a have a Landy DH race in worst case.

These last to weeks are busy, busy, busy.
We are going to be in some newspapers, travelmagazine and local tv. The hardest part is to get me and Maria to do the photoshots together because we live 120km apart.

Besides all these things we have everything set for our journey, now we just have to fit everything in our smallish backpacks. Maria have 18L and I have 28L so it´s alot of squessing and pressing. We are riding all on our own, so we don´t have a backup car with all of our things in it so we have to fit our computer, camera, clothes, spareparts, medicins and all other stuffs in our backpacks and it´s hard to have 5 months of living in a small bag, but it´s the only way.

If you wants to donate money to my fond at childhood cancer foundation you can send me an email to so can I help you out.


Saturday, December 19, 2009

One Day With Never Summer & ViceTrux...

For a few days ago I got an email from Chris Adrews from neversummer and vicetrux. He told me about a truck that he had developed for a year or so. These trucks looks like something I never seen before and they have suspensions. According to Chris these are the ultimate long-distance trucks so he decided to lend me a set for my journey. These trucks arent for sale yet so I´m one of the first people outside the company to have the chance to ride these "bad boys".

Hopefully I will fall in love with them and ride them for my whole trip.


One Day With Tickets...

Today we finally booked our tickets.

We will leave jan the 12th and return back home in 12th of june.
We will have a massive 20 hours flight to Bangkok from Copenhagen with stops in Wien and Kairo.
When we flights home it will take us like 24 hours.
If we had got a direct flight it would have taken us around 10 hours, but that one is alot more expensive so we decided to go with some "pitstops"


One Day With Pictures...

This Tuesday there was a "proffesionell photograf" here and took some pictures for an article in childhood cancer foundations paper and website.

He took like 200-300 pictures so it was alot of skating up and downs in the hills.
The hardest part was to laugh and turns at the same time, every guy knows what I´m talking about.

We had alot of luck because just one hour after we were done it starts to snow heavilly and in just a few minutes everything was white.


Tuesday, December 8, 2009

One Day With Childhood Cancer Foundation...

Today I had an interview with childhood cancer foundations paper. Hopeful this will results in some more donation to my fond.


Monday, December 7, 2009

One Day With Subsonic Skateboards...

Soon my specialbuild board from Subsonic Skateboards will be finished.

Thanks Scott.


One Day With Upstream...

I´m very proud to presents my newest and biggerst sponsor Upstream who will sponsor me with money.

I can´t thank you enough.

Some new sponsors has come in.

Thank you so much, without you my journey wouldn´t be possibly.


Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Today I got my seismic speedvent 85mm 79a blackops wheels from Stoked Skateboards.

Thanks man.


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

One Day With Aftonbladet...

Aftonbladet is one of Swedens biggest newspaper if not the biggest one. And they want to follow my journey, sweet.


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

One Day With Tattoos...

Right now are Maria and I in Budapest to do our tattoos. Darkart Tattoo. Marias is finished and the result become more than great and it only cost her 150 euros for 2,5 hours. Mine is still a few hours of pain left. I will continued tomorrow on my piece.


Thursday, November 5, 2009

One Day With Pickabooo...

My brother Filip tries the epilator before I´m going to do it on my chest.

I´m not looking forward to this, but a bet is a bet.


Sunday, November 1, 2009

One Day With The Bet...

One months ago I went out with a bet. The bet was if my foundraisingfond went over 12 000 sek I would do one of these three things:
  • It´s almost like waxing but instead you use a machine that pull out your hair from the roots (I don´t know the english word for it). This I will do on my chest and.

  • Eat 1,5 teaspoon of wasabi

  • Get shot with three paintballs in my stomach from 15 meters.
And the winner is the first one with 31 votes against 16 for both they others.

The movie will be out soon.


One Day With Foundraising...

As you all probably know I´m going to do my trip in benefit for childhood cancer foundation. So today I, my brothers and Sanna did some foundraising at the local fleemarket. After some cold hours with alot of warm chocolate and bargain we managed to raise 1800 sek.

Timmy, Filip & Sanna

Thanks to all you guys who has donated your stuffs to us so we could sell it and raise some money.


Monday, October 26, 2009

One Day With Stuffs...

I got some things from my sponsor Life on a Board last week.

-Khiro Flux Lighted Riser (so I won´t get runned over if a skate in the dark)
S-One Team Helmet
-Loaded Slide Gloves (4th generation)
Project Skatetool
-Life on a Board Cap


Sunday, October 25, 2009

One Day With Maria...

Maria, my girlfriend has decided to ride along with me on my journey. She will go by inlines and it will be awesome to have someone with me. Hopefully she get someone who wants to sponsor her with a nice pair of longdistance inlines, because they are quite expensive, but she can afford it, she is filthy rich that girl, or what do I know. However I got her some wicked socks from my sponsor Gococo and hopefully some t-shirts from my friend Tobias at Algapan.

To be continued...


One Day With Pavedwave...

Check me out at Pavedwave


Saturday, October 24, 2009

One Day With Dialect...

For a few days ago my sponsor Dialect AB donated 2500 sek to childhood cancer foundation. Thank you so much.


Friday, October 23, 2009

One Day With My Sponsors...

Let me interduce you to my sponsors,

-Dialect sells great elctronic equipment to nice prices.
They just don´t sponsor me, they also have been donated 2500 sek to childhood cancer foundation.

-Algapan makes t-shirts of bamboo and I can promise you that it is the most comfortable shirts you´ve ever worn.
We have a big project going on and it is a special designed t-shirt with me on the front riding my board. Some of the profit from this shirt will go to childhood cancer foundation, wicked.

-Life on the Board is a great longboardshop which sells brands like Loaded, flexdex and a lot of other sweet stuffs.

-Gococo makes great socks of coconutshells. The make the best socks ever so try it and you will fall in love.

-Hälsokostgrossisten has alot of great products for you who is active and want some extra out of your training.

Fuel-Fire Skateboards is the only shop in sweden which sells Earthwing and Insect longboards. Great service, just ask Patrik and he helps you out.

Stoked Skateboards is an awesome longboardstore with all the big brands. Whatever you want they got it.


One Day With Algapan...

Me and Tobias on Algapan have been working on a t-shirt together. I will be on the shirt while I´m skating. Some of the profit will go to my fond at childhood cancer foundation.

The t-shirt will be in shops in a few weeks, I promised to let you know when it´s time.


One Day With Welcome...

Welcome to my Mr Jim On Longboard Blog.

This is my story of a journey from Northen Thailand all the way down to Singapore.
I will do this trip for the love to longboarding, the love to these beautiful countries and amazing people. I will also do this in benefit for childhood cancer foundation, my goal is to raise 50 000 sek, but hopefully I will raise alot more.

Once again welcome and I hope you will stay with my side on my journey which will starts in jan/feb.