Monday, August 29, 2011

One Day With Filippa & Felicia...




Dannes wheel & Jim



Filippa & Sonic

Maria & Filippa


Sunday, August 28, 2011

One Day With The Sidewinder Ceviche...

I took my sidewindertrucks from my "Off The Wall" and put it on my "Ceviche" instead and it became a monster, a turning monster.


Saturday, August 27, 2011

One Day With Pictures, Stockholm - Borlänge...


One Day With My New Board...

Just bought me a Sector 9 "Off The Wall" which is a small and very quick cityboard.

The board also has these very special Sidewinder trucks and shit what these trucks turns, but I can´t recommend them in high speeds.

Now to the big question, shall I put these trucks on my Loaded Ceviche and make that board to the most turning board in the world or shall I keep it as it is, hmm? Big decision.


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

One Day With Awesome People...

Thank you so very very much to everyone who has donated money to childhood cancer foundation.

You are the best.

We have now raised 6900 USD


One Day With Family Gullborn...

Thank you so much for the 500 SEK you donated to childhood cancer foundation.


One Day With The Biggest Thanks In The World...

Thank you so very much.

Never Summer
Gizela Oscarsson

We love you all.


One Day With Day 5 Last Day...

43km from our goal Borlänge Ted fell and broke his collar bone so we had to quit for now and go to the hospital.

As soon as Ted feels better we will go back to the place the accident happened and skate the last 43km to Borlänge.


Monday, August 22, 2011

One Day With Niklas Almqvist In "The Hives"

When we were on a festival in Fagersta we were introduced to Niklas Almqvist, member of "The Hives" and he took us up on the stage and told the audience what we were doing so that was awesome. We felt like rockstars and we got us a bunch of groupies after that haha.


One Day With Oti Gård...

Oti Gård, what a place!!!

If you sometimes go to Sweden and Fagersta you should definitely visit Oti Gård and Jonas.

Thank you so much Jonas.


Saturday, August 20, 2011

One Day With Fagersta Brukshotell...

Yesterday we checked in at our great hotel, Fagersta Brukshotell.

Wall to wall law Olearys so we ate a sweet buffé and took a Kilkenny before we went to bed, and of course wached some soccer.

Ted was so happy when he saw that we had a bathtub in our room so he went for a swim yesterday and a morningswim today 6.00 AM, crazy dude hehe.

The day started with a great breakfast at Sala Silvergruva.

After that we took our boards and started skating to Fagersta. We had been warned about the road, but the road was really good with alot of turnes, ups and downs and not so much traffic so we had an awesome time skating.

After a while we met these nice peoples so we talk for a bit and filled up our camelbacks.

Ted the duck whisper

When we had 15km left we found this great building. After talking to the locals, they got us their approval to let us skate down the roaf and take some nice pictures.

When we had around 15 minutes left it started to rain as hell so we were soaking wet, so it was really nice to take a hot shower when we arrived to Fagersta Brukshotell.


Friday, August 19, 2011

One Day With Sala Silvermine...

Here is the pictures of our own camera from Sala Silvergruva. We will put the "real" pictures up as soon as we get them from Marcela, our photographer.

The Suite 155metres down


Thursday, August 18, 2011

En Dag Med Sneakpeek...

This is with my 500USD camera, in some days you will see pictures with Marcelas 4000USD Camera.


One Day With Oti Gård...

My mom got us a new sponsor, Oti Gård.

Thank mom and a big thanks to Oti Gård.


One Day With Day 2...

The day begun with a nice breakfast at Anno 1799 we had a interview with a newspaper from Enköping.

We had some rough pavement today and the traffic were quit heavy, but the wheater was nice so a big smile on our faces.

Mrs & Mr Vicetrux

Ohh Policecamera, skating to fast


LänkMonsterpaus again

After 46km and some hours on the road we arrived to Sala Silvergruva our place for tonight. Here we also had a photosession in the mine, 155metres down. We are the first people in the world to skate down there.

Welcome to Sala Silvergruva

Ted the dog whisper

After our fotosession we went for some food and beer, awesome.


The view

More about our photosession tomorrow.