Sunday, February 28, 2010

Monday, February 22, 2010

One Day With Chumpon - Kraburi...


The best day sofar. The pavement was supersmooth and the nature was awsome. The ride went from Chumpon to Kraburi and we skatedwith a smile on our faces the hole day. We only did some smaller stops to drink and eat some ice-cream. It is only a small river between Kraburi and Burma so that´s quite cool.

On 13th of March our visa will extend and we have checked like crazy people on the internet for cheapest and easiest way to renew our visa. We thought of going to BUrma just for the day but we couldn´t find anything so yesterday we booked a ticket to Vietnam. And today we found out that we could go to Burma to renew our visa and it should just take a couple of hours, pretty bad timing but I think Vietnam will be awsome and we will try to get to some nice beach or island as soon as we get there to just have a nice time for some days.


One Day With Chumpon...


Sunday, February 21, 2010

One Day With Hua Hin - Chumpon...

Day 1-3, 100km

Because of Marias foot we had to take it easy for 3 days. We started each day around 7 am and where finished around 10-10.30 am which is quite nice, but we want to skate much longer so we can take a day or two of. With this speed we have to skate every day, because we have to skate 30km each day to make it to the airport before our visa goes out.


Getting fresh fish

Day 4, 95km, 85km on skateboard.

When I woke up this morning I was so tired of skating and I just wanted to go to sleep again, but when we started skating it felt really good and we decided to skate 95km instead of 41km as we planned at first. We had a very vary day with a road as a rollercoaster with alot of ups and downs. We got a ride with a tractor by holding on to his trail and skated behind, we also got a ride with a motorbiketaxi with a monk and a regular taxi when the road was killing us under two roadworks and all this for free. At the end of the day a father with the hole car full of children let us go with him the last km on his trail to our beachresort. He drove this small tiny road which after a while became a gravelroad, Thai people are amazing. So now are we here at the beach and the road is all gravel as far as you can see, so it will be an exiting day tomorrow, will we get a ride 7am to the main road or will we have to walk?

Why don´t they eat the corn?

Day 5, 90km, 45km on skateboard.

This was a hell of a day with very bad pavement quite along time, roadworks and a body which was totally worked out. After 15km the road became unskateable so we hitch-hiked for 10km. We got a ride on a trail with 8 other people. It´s never fun to have to hitch-hike because it fells like a failure, but I don´t to walk for hours, this is our holiday and we have spend alot of money on it so walking is out of the question if it´s bad pavement or roadwork, uphill is ok. When the road got better we jump of and the road just went up and down all the time and I was so tired, it felt like I had no more strength left. When we had skated for 30km we come to a bigger roadwork where the road just were of gravel and this made me feel like I hit rock bottom, I was so tired both physical and psysical. We have now been skating 250km in 30-40 degrees heat for the last 5days and I was complitely out of powers so we decided to hitch-hike to Chumpon, almost 45km from there we were. We got a lift with a guy in his 40:ies and after a while he took up a almost empty Chang beer (roomers said what a chang contains somewere between 5-15% of alcohol) and he shouted "beer" and laughed before he took the last sip, it´s not like home where you get arrested for just smelling a beer when you drive.

A funny thing today was a trail with a man and a big drumset on in the middle of the road. The man was playing and around him a crowd of 20-30 people were dancing and they took up the hole car-lain. When we came to Chumpon we jumped on the bus to go to the beach and I was so tired so I fell a sleep. As I said it´s never fun to have to hitch-hike, but we were so really tired today and the hole day felt like mission impossible and it´s easy to hurt our self by falling when we were so tired as we were today. Now we are going to stay here for two night and rest before we are going over to the west-coast.


Friday, February 12, 2010

One Day With Samut Songkhram - Hua Hin...

Day 1, 70km.

This was the first day of skating since I hurted my back in Sing Buri and my back is fine. But I still have some problems with my right "ljumske" so I had to take some painkillers. After 55km we left the highway to skate along the coast and it was so windy and we were so tired so the last 15km took forever. When we finally arrived in Hat Chao Samran we directly jumped in our swimmings gear and went for the ocean and it was so sweet to take a bath.

Day 2, 30km

Just a short trip to the beach next door. We started to skate by 7 and we got to Cha-am by 9-9.30 so we rented some sunbeds and just laid by the beach all day. When we went for a walk we found a Swedish place so we went there for dinner later that night and we had some delicious meetballs with mashed potato and lingonberryjam and they also had Swedish television there so it was nice to have a break from all thai-food.

Big one

When you have to go you have to

Day 3, 25km

When we left Bangkok our maingoal were Hua Hin and now are we here. We are staying here for three night because Hua Hin has a lovely beach and the best seefood I ever tried so I really looking forward to dinner tonight and the other days, mumma.