Thursday, April 29, 2010

One Day With Perhentians...

We stayed 6 nights och Pehentian island and these nights we were sponsored by Alu Alu Divers and we got a very nice room with aircon and just 50 meters from the beach. Alu Alu is on the big island, Besar. They also sponsored us with 7 dives each and we got t-shirts, magic soap and one dive/logbook so you can say that we had a great week.

One day we went trough the jungle to get to the next beach and from there take a taxiboat to Hannes, Marie & Jocke who stayed on longbeach, the small island, Kecil. It´s was quite bad weather this day so it was pretty big waves so I, Hannes & Jocke did some bodysurfing for some hours. It was fun like hell but some fucker stole my shoes so it wasn´t so fun anymore. After the swim we spend the night by playing card and PES 2010 at there resort. Even do I haven´t played this game before I won to everyone who worked there twice in a row, so I was happy, muhahaha.

The visibility wasn´t so good when we dived but we saw alot of things but the coolest was turtle, bambooshark and during the last dive I saw six BlackTip Reef Sharks and that was awsome.

If you have the possibility to go to Perhentians you should do that because both of the islands are really nice with great diving, snorkeling, food, accomendation etc and I can really recommend Alu Alu.

Giant ant

Alot of ants


PES 2010

Our place

The ones we dived with

Freshwater spring

Cold as hell

Our place

Our place by night

We and Johan, who is the owner of Alu Alu divers (great guy)



One Day With Jeli - Kuala Besut...

After one night outside of Jeli and some photoshots from the owner we started skating the 100-110km to Kuala Besut. After 2 days of skating we arrived at the jeti in Kuala Besut. From here we took a speedboat out to Perhentians for some days of relaxing.

Soda in a bag of ice is da shit

Want to buy a tie?


Monday, April 26, 2010

Sunday, April 25, 2010

One DAy With Where Are We Now...



One Day With A Fucking Idiot...

Thanks to the fucking idiot that stoled my shoes, thank alot man.


One Day With Baling - Jeli...

The plan was to go as far as we could and after that get a lift over the mountains. This day was the hardest day sofar on this journey with alot of 10% ups and down. We skated for 8h this day and I think i walked for 5-6 of them and I was so tired. I had some parts there I just wanted to throw my board in the ditch. I´m not a big fan of very steep slopes because I´m not so good at breaking when it starts to go to fast, I´m only been skating since this summer so, but I get better and better. It´s not fun when it goes so fast that you feel you can´t break and the board is jumping around because of the bad pavement. I have a really hard time to slide my board so I have to footbrake or grab on to Marias bike, but it have worked out fine sofar.

When we reached Bersia we sat us down and tried to get a lift to Jeli, it took us around 1h before a man stopped. We jumped on the back of his truck with all of our gear and he took us half way up in the mountains to his restaurant. After 1-2h more we got a lift to Jeli with a truck and it took us a while to get down with all these ups and downs and the truck was 35 years old so that was probably one reason.

The reasons we hitchhiked were because of:

1 - If we had skated this part it had taken us around 3-4 days with almost just walking.

2 - Only one place to stay and this was quite expensive, but if you are the only place you can take whatever you want.

3 - Mosquitos and alot of them.

4 - Wild tigers (according to our truckdriver).

5 - Wild elephants which we saw around 8 of them, both small and big once, just by the road.

6 - This massive rains that almost come every afternoon/evening or during the night.

If you like really big and steep slopes this is the place for you. I think we had around 40-50km downhill from the top. Take a car up to the top from Grik or Gerik (same place) and take a ride on your board down to Jeli.

Can someone please call 911


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

One Day With The First Skateday In Malaysia...

As soon as I had kicked a few metres I got the biggerst bitchslap of my life with bigger bumps in it than our dearest friend Quasimodo, think Quasimodo and a Stegosaurus, but worse. Some parts was good but it kept changing all the time and mostly is was quite bad, some parts was so bad so I had to walk. According to hooglemaps so were we only supposed to skate around 50-60km but we skated around 80km and it was hard with the burning heat, the last 20 km took a really long time. So can we trust googlemaps in th future or shall we trust the roadsigns? When we finally arrived so went we around to some hotels, but it was pretty expensive even though we are out in the middle of everything. After a while we got a single room quite cheap so we have a single 90cm bed, high five, but it´s pretty cosy. The plan was to leave early this morning, but I got fever during the evening and the night and Maria didn´t feel well either. Is it because of the steaking sun or wasn´t I really well when we started. So here we are in our small hotel room with nothing more to do than watching tv or sitting by the computer. I hate to stay at places we haven´t planned to stay at but what shall you do when you don´t feel well. So yesterday was a crappy day, really bad pavement, my headphones braked, fever and my rashes from the heat came back, but this time I have a good salve so hopefully will it not be so bad as the last time.

The plan for tomorrow is to leave at sunrise and skate around 60-70km to the next town, after that we have around 120km over mountains with alot of very steep ups and downs and here is nowere to stay. Sam has gone by cycle this route and it took him two whole days so for me it will take alot longer. We have been warned about sleeping under the stars because of all mosquitos and there are wild elephants in the mountains that you shall stay away from. so we maybe have to skate as far as we can and after that hitchhike to get to the next town, but this it not so easy because of Marias bike.

Me, Sam, Maria & Summer